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Offered: Every Day
Tour Duration: 1 Day
Minimum: 4 people
Note: It is possible if you want to leave from Guatemala City.

Located in the jungles of Petén is the Mayan site of Uaxactún where the oldest date of the Maya Classic Period was recorded, engraved on a stele in the year 320 A.D. The orientation of Uaxactún's temples to the sun reveals that it was an important astronomical center.

The building known as the observatory has a staircase beautifully decorated with stucco masks.


07:15 Pick up at your hotel in Flores. (We need to pick up other people in the airport)
08:00 Transportation to Uaxactún.
10:00 Arrival time to the site where you take your walking tour in the Archaeological site with a local bilingual guide.
12:30 Lunch included.
13:00 Departure time from Uaxactún to Flores Hotel or the Airport.

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