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Santa Catalina Ark
Central Plaza
Incense in a procession
Central Plaza
A child in a procession
Central Plaza
La Merced
Ruins of a church
Santa Catalina Ark
Two women walking in Antigua
Procession in Antigua
Central Plaza


Antigua is best known for its lovely colonial ruins: the remains of churches, monasteries and convents destroyed by earthquakes that plagued the Spanish colony. Some of the most beloved ruins include the Capuchinas Convent, where architects experimented with short, stocky columns to withstand the force of earthquakes; The Merced; the remains of the St. Franciscan MonasteryThe Santa Clara Convent; Antigua's graceful Central Park with its unique fountain, etc… Enjoying a walking tour on cobble stone streets with one of our knowledgeable guides is the best way to appreciate its history and architectural monuments. You can also study Spanish in Antigua Guatemala since it has schools considered some of the finest in the world.

During Semana Santa, or Holy Week, Antigua Guatemala is home to one of the world's most beautiful religious celebrations. Colorful Processions featuring heavy floats carried by men, women and children wind their way solemnly through the town's cobblestone streets. The processions, carpets and decorated altars form a giant work of community art that spills from Antigua's cathedral into its streets, employing colorful designs, traditions and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Walking Tour in Antigua

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