Tikal One Day Tour by Bus

The Tikal One Day Tour by Bus is offered every day

Tour Duration: 1 Day

The Tikal One Day Tour by Bus includes: 


1st Day

18:30 Shuttle picks you up at your hotel to drive you to the bus station.

19:45 Arrival time to the bus station.

21:00 or 22:00 first class bus from Guatemala to Flores (8hrs to reach Flores).

2nd Day

5:00 or 6:00 Arrival time to Flores.

7:30 One of our representatives will drive you to the National Park of Tikal.

9:00 Walking tour in Tikal with a bilingual local guide.

13:00 Lunch at a restaurant near Tikal park.

14:00 Time to go back to Flores. The shuttle will take you to the bus station. Time at leisure.

21:00 Departure time for your first class bus to Guatemala City (8hrs to reach Guatemala City). 

3rd Day

5:00 Arrival time to Guatemala City.

6:30 Our shuttle picks you up to drive you back to Antigua.



5 Avenida Sur 6 - Antigua G, Guatemala, C.A.

Phones: +(502) 7832-4237 / 7832-2158


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