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Takalik Abaj

Offered: Every Day
Tour Duration: 1 Day or 2 Days 1 night
Minimum: 4 people

Tak’alikAbaj’ is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in Guatemala, it was formerly known as abajtakalik. It is one of several Mesoamerican sites with both Olmec and Maya features. The site flourished in the Pre-classic and Classic periods, from the 9th century BC through to at least the 10th century AD, and was an important commerce centre, trading with kaminaljuyú and Chocolá.

Investigations have revealed that is one of the largest sites with sculptured monuments on the Pacific coastal plain. Olmec-style sculptures include a possible colossal head, petro glyphs and others. The site has one of the greatest concentrations of Olmec-style sculpture outside of the Gulf of Mexico.

Takalik Abaj is representative of the first blossoming of Maya culture that had occurred by about 400 BC. Excavation is continuing at the site; the monumental architecture and long sequence of sculpture in a variety of styles suggest the site is of some importance. It is also considered a place of transition between the Olmec and Maya culture.

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