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Tajumulco Volcano Hike

The Tajumulco Volcano Hike is a 2 day, 1 night tour.

Duration: 2 days
Starts: 6:00 am the first day
Back the next day at: 13:00 hrs
Minimum: 4 people
Elevation: 4,220 m (13,845 ft)
Cone: Composite
Status: inactive

Location: The municipality of Tajumulco, Depto. San Marcos, 17 km from the border with Mexico.


Day 1

We pick you up at your Hotel or House stay around 6 in the morning, and take a public bus to San Marcos, were we switch to a different public bus.

At the junction road we start 2 ½ hours hike to ascend at 4,000m to a flat part where we set our camping site. For one more hour of hiking we reach the summit where you can see all the volcanoes in Guatemala lining up, the Pacific ocean and Mexico, have no doubts it will be “THE BEST VIEW”.


Day 2

We get up around 5am to hike to the top again to see the sunrise, and then we will come back to Xela the same way we arrived.


Tajumulco is the tallest volcano in all of Central America.

Tajumulco has two peaks. The higher peak at 4,220 m (13,845 ft) has a crater 50m (160 ft) in diameter. The lower peak has an elevation of 4,100 (13,451 ft). The type of rock found on both peaks is hornblende andesite and pyroxene.

Includes. Transportation, Food, Equipment, and guide.

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