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Santiaguito Mirador Hike

The Santiaguito Mirador Hike is offered every day.

Duration: ½ DAY
Starts at: 6:00am back at 12:00pm
Minimum: 4 people
Elevation: Variable, approx. 2,510m (8,235 ft)
Status: Active
Location: Depto. Quetzaltenango, 10 km from Aldea el Palmar.

Eruptive History:

Santiaguito was born during the 1902 eruption of Santa María. It has been in continuous eruption since 1922. Volcanologists rate Santiaguito among the 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world (in terms of potential damage to humans and property).


This is an easy hike that starts from town of Llanos Del Pinal only 15 minutes away from Xela, in 1 hour and 45 minutes we reach the look-out point, staying here for an hour. From this point you can observe at a safe distance, the explosions every 15 minutes, and large explosions every hour. The descent takes about 1 hour, returning to Xela around noon.


Santiaguito has an ever changing shape, consisting of a twisted mass of lava flows, ash, lava fragments, and pyroclastic flows. In the recent past, this volcano has produced pyroclastic flows of El Palmar, 10km (6 mi) away, has been destroyed twice by lahars from Santiaguito. The lava dome currently growing on Santiaguito has volcanologists worried because it could collapse, unleashing a large pyroclastic flow.

Includes: Private Transportation and guide.

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