Santiago Zamora

Offered: Every Wednesday
Private excursions in 1 day.

Minimum: 6 persons.

Eleven years ago, a group of Mayan women from the Santiago Zamora village came together to form an association called "Santiaguito". Its purpose is to work together to produce and sell traditional fabrics and other products and distribute the benefits of it in order to improve their living conditions. The association organizes trips for people who are interested in learning about its history, language and traditional way of life, and also about the difficulties facing rural Guatemala today.

Tour visits include a stroll through town, family-style food demonstrations. You will learn how to process coffee and you will learn how to make your own tortillas. At the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to buy crafts and textiles from the association. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the villagers and from a special fund that will be used for social purposes, such as education, medicine and emergency aid.



5 Avenida Sur 6 - Antigua G, Guatemala, C.A.

Phones: +(502) 7832-4237 / 7832-2158


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