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San Pedro Volcano Hike

The San Pedro Volcano Hike is held every day.

Duration: Full Day
Starts at: 07:30
Finishing: 15:30 hrs.
Minimum: 2 people

The volcano is located in San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá department and has a height of 3020 meters.

This volcano is a symmetrical and almost perfect cone, and the rise is directly upwards, so you go up without difficulty, but in a fairly steep incline. The entrance to the crater is located to the side of the lake and the road is generally covered with weeds. The crater is small and is depth is unknown because it is covered by large trees.

Interest: The path starts between coffee plantations, trees, avocado, corn, beans, pines, cedars. From the top the view is beautiful and compelling. Not an easy climb but it is not difficult.


Forest type: rainforest.

Time to Climb: 03 hours climbing and two hours to download depending on your physical condition can be less or more time.

Your should bring: At the top of this volcano is cold, so it is recommended to upload it with comfortable clothes and bring a sweater or windbreaks you need shoes to avoid slipping and prevent I from blistering feet. Also lead, hat dark glasses, camera, sunscreen, and water.

Includes: Transfer in and our on boat, taxi in and out to the start of the hike, entrance to the ecological park, and local bilingual guide.

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