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Pacaya Volcano Tour

The Pacaya Volcano tour is offered every day.

Minimum: No minimum

Minimum Age: 8 years

No.of Days: 0.5 days

Altitude: 2550 meters above sea level (8,288 feet)

Class: II (Easy)

Location: Palín, Escuintla

The Pacaya Volcano tour departs from Antigua, you can choose to leave at 6:00 am returning at 12:00 pm or leaving at 2:00 pm and returning at 8:00 pm. To reach the site it takes around 1.5 hr. drive to the town of San Vicente Pacaya, where we start the hike. At this point it is only a 2 hour hike to the summit. On some occasions we may see a river of lava flowing out. Also, we can make a reservation to eat pizza pacaya!

Includes: Transportation from Antigua and back. Expert volcano trail guide.

Not included: Meal, water, entrance fee at the park and sodas.


Please take note: In these expeditions it is normal that clients carry their own backpacks and their water bottles. It's recommended to bring sweater for the return, flashlight, water, and food.

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