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Central Plaza
A child in a procession
Central Plaza
La Merced
Ruins of a church
Procession in Antigua
Central Plaza
Two women walking in Antigua

Orchid & Macadamia Farm Tour

From Tuesday to Sunday

Starting at 9:00 or 14:00

Located south of Antigua, just a short way beyond Ciudad VIeja, a road branches off to San Miguel Dueñas, where you can find and admire the best of Guatemalan Orchids near Antigua. The farm offers a great view of the Fuego Volcano, and has a wonderful display of many orchid species and orchid clones.

The farm is owned by a very distinguish family in Guatemala, called "Entre Volcanes". November is the best time to visit the farm.

On your way back a quick stop to Valhala Farm, we will visit an experimental Macadamia Farm.

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