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Iximché & San Andrés Itzapa

Offered: Saturdays
Minimum: 4 People

Starts at 8:00 am

We will depart Antigua early in the morning to make a brief stop at San Andrés Itzapa, known in the area for the controversial wooden figure of San Simón, which is housed in a chapel where people gather to give offerings and prayers.

Later we continue our way to Iximché, the ancient capital of the Kakchiquel Maya Kingdom. This site contains the ruins of four large plazas surrounded by 30m high temples. Some of the temples are fully uncovered with original plaster and paint in place while others are still grass-covered. On site there are two large ball courts and a small museum.

Iximché was the fist capital of Guatemala for three years in the XIV Century, but the capital was moved to a safer place after the indigenous people rebelled against the Spaniards.

On the back part of this site, you can see some Mayan rites taking place.

After this tour, we stop on the road for lunch at a restaurant in Tecpán.

(Lunch not included)

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