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Canyon Express Canopy Tour

Offered: Every day
Minimum: 1
Duration: 2 hours
Hours: 08:30, 10:30, 12:30, 13:30

It’s one ecological touristic service designed for all the family members that combines the thrill of jumping between platforms located floor level and on tree branches, running through cliffs and canyons.

The tour starts getting on the Unimog Mercedes truck, specially designed for mountain duties that lead us to the first platform located two miles from the heart of the farm. Our guides explain different interesting aspect of culture, history, plants and animals abundant in the area. At the starting point you will attend as short briefing on security issues and to get familiar with the equipment.

Our system is very safe and follows the international regulations demanded in these of activities. Both insurance and the best equipment in provided. We use petzt and PMI gear.

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