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Central Plaza
A child in a procession
Central Plaza
La Merced
Ruins of a church
Procession in Antigua
Central Plaza
Two women walking in Antigua

Valhalla Organic Farms

Every day at 9:00 or 14:00

(with a previous appointment)

This experimental farm owes its splendor to an American retired firefighter named Lorenzo Gottschamer, who had the vision of creating this farm on five hectares. A short tour will reveal all the secrets of growing and processing the macadamia nuts, and also learn the benefits given by these trees to our ecosystem. This farm has given many native families a new way of income, by substituting corn fields to macadamia trees.

Also, enjoy a relaxing facial massage with products derived from the macadamia nuts, and you can buy macadamia soap, cream, chocolates and even macadamia pancakes.

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