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San Francisco El Alto & Churches

Offered: Friday

Duration: Half day

Minimum: 2 people

Departure time: 07:00 am

Departing from: Quetzaltenango

The San Francisco el Alto market is located at 2610 kms above sea level and eleven miles from Quetzaltenango just off the Inter-American Highway in the direction of Momostenango. The church, dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, was constructed in several stages from the late XVI century to 1670-1680.

Visit the biggest indigenous market in Guatemala, this is a not very well known market but 100% authentic. Only on Fridays. The animal market, typical products, food and vegetables makes it a real experience that you can't miss.

This tour will take you not only to the famous colonial churches in the Quetzaltenango area, but includes a lot more! We will first go to San Andrés Xécul. This yellow church is probably the most famous church in Central America. We also visit a place where you can see how the local materials are painted which are used for typical weaving.

Next to a little chapel which is really interesting to see, we will visit a Maya altar and after that San Simón (Maximón, a local Maya Saint]. In San Cristóbal Totonicapán we will visit the church and the next door “Monasterio” as well as the place where indigenous women do their laundry, standing with their Feet in the water while fish are swimming between them.

We end our tour in Salcajá where we visit a local family who makes “Caldo de frutas”, a local drink in Guatemala. This is the opportunity to try one of these popular drinks! After that we will go to visit the weavers where you can see how they make the local textiles. We end our tour in Quetzaltenango.

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